Mancini Periodontics and Implantology uses the latest technologies to treat your gums. We offer on-site blood sampling with PRF technology to replace missing bone or gum; a leading edge technology commonly used in the medical field.


Platelet Rich Fibrin is a concentrate of blood platelets obtained from the patient’s blood, which forms a natural membrane of natural fibrin that is conducive to healing. The concept of PRF is based on the centrifugation of blood without anticoagulant, with which a fibrin clot containing blood platelets and a majority of white cells is obtained. With this technology, we can accelerate mucosal and bone healing for patients.


The use of PRF technology allows you to obtain 100% biocompatible grafts, with blood samples taken directly from your own body. This technique helps to reduce pain and dental inflammation for the patient, and significantly reduces the risk of infection. In addition, bone regeneration and healing become much faster than conventional treatment.

The PRF works as follows: we take a blood sample that allows us to obtain a platelet-rich fibrin clot using a centrifuge. We then shape the membrane to attach it to the affected dental area.

PRF is used in several dental treatments: this product can be used for implant placement, gum grafting, tooth extraction or more generally for any type of surgical intervention.

Would you like to benefit from a complete dental treatment? Our Periodontist welcome you to the clinic and accompany you if you need to use PRF technology. Contact us now!