A dental implant is a screw-shaped titanium structure designed to be inserted under the gingival tissue in the jaw to provide support for a replacement tooth, a bridge or a prosthesis. The dental implant is fully integrated into the jaw bone and gums. Thanks to this state of the art technique, healthy teeth no longer need to be cut to provide such support and retention. It feels, looks and functions like your natural teeth.


Please know that, along with your dentist and periodontist, you will take part in the decision-making process. Dr. Mancini will establish a treatment plan to suit your specific needs.

There are three situations in which the use of dental implants is ideal:

  1. When a single tooth is missing, an implant and crown will be added.
  2. When several teeth are missing, we can add individual implants, or have the possibility of adding bridges which will be supported by implants.
  3. When all the teeth are missing, a bridge or removable prosthesis or a fixed denture will be supported by your dental implants.


The sinus lift is a procedure performed when there is not enough bone for successful dental implant placement. This procedure increases the quantity and quality of bone in the sinus wall located in the upper jaw. With this intervention, a very unstable removable denture will be replaced with a very comfortable and stable fixed prosthesis, supported by dental implants.

Dental Implant - Periodontal Montreal


Over time, after teeth have been extracted, the lower and upper jaw can become deformed, leaving insufficient bone structure for the placement of dental implants. In order to correct this situation, we proceed to modify the ridge, a procedure better known as a bone graft. This operation involves lifting the gum to expose the inadequate bone structure and filling it with a bone substitute to rebuild the ridge. This procedure greatly improves the quality of the bone and increases the chances for successful dental implant placement.


The maintenance requirements for dental implants are the same as for your natural teeth. Regular brushing and the use of dental floss are recommended for effective cleaning. Dr. Mancini’s team will work closely with your dentist to determine the best maintenance plan for you. Periodic monitoring will be necessary to evaluate the condition of your dental implants, and your teeth and gum, in order to ensure continued excellent oral health.